Sober Transport To And From Treatment

Our Addiction Specialists provide Sober Transport Services to accompany and assist our clients to treatment, from treatment after completion and between treatment centers and care providers. Our staff has been in the field of recovery for decades and we have experienced and handled just about everything one can imagine. Many times the trip between these destinations is a long one and can be very tricky to handle successfully due to the sensitive and delicate nature of addiction and its temptations. We provide the assurance to our client’s families and friends that their loved one will arrive safely no matter how long or rigorous the travels may be.

sober transport

Safe Travels To Treatment

When a person struggling with addiction makes the decision to enter treatment, just getting there can be a nerve wracking experience for that person and even worse for their family. Whether that decision follows a professional addiction intervention, hitting rock bottom where life got to tough to bear, or just the mere personal decision to change for the better, safe and sober transport is the essential first step. However many people that make the decision to go to rehabilitation will get cold feet for many different reasons. The decision to go to treatment is one thing but following through is another. There are too many reasons not to go sometimes and a person can easily talk him or herself out of it. Sometimes a person is just not well traveled and flying or long driving trips can be intimidating. Most times a person will only go if they get to have their “last fix”. We have done many transports for first time flyers, almost all of them high or drunk, and always deliver what we promise; the person safely traveled and into the caring hands of the treatment provider.

Sober Transport Home From Treatment

On too many occasions we have gotten the news too late only to find out that someone we brought to treatment had drank on the way home or used before even getting home. Repeating what we said above, following through can be the toughest part of recovery. And, to a recovering addict or alcoholic returning from treatment, this is the first test for them and the need to follow through is imperative to successful survival. A person needs successes no matter how small or large and there is no shame in leaning on someone for help in their time of need. There is more shame in not asking for that help and having to go through the feeling of failure right after a successful healing process of drug and alcohol treatment.

Sober Transport To New Locations

Many people decide while in addiction treatment to relocate and start over somewhere other than home and make a new home with a new start. This, if feasible for them can be the best decision to make. Once again, the getting there is essential to a new beginning and a new life and it never comes without temptations. New Life accompanies our recently successful clients of addiction treatment and we offer the additional service of Sober Companionship to help them get started once again with Sober Coaching.

Let Us Handle The Entire Trip

Wherever you or your loved one is currently, we will come to you and start the process, make travel arrangements and follow through until our client is arrived to their desired destination. We will arrange the most logical method of transportation and arrive you or your loved one safely into the hands of your treatment center of choice.