Sober Companion

sober companionImagine that after all you and your family has been through with the ongoing addiction, your loved one goes to drug or alcohol rehab and has to come home to the same environment. It’s great to be able to start over somewhere else and have a blank slate to work with but not everybody gets that opportunity. Many people that go to treatment have too many responsibilities or just simply cannot afford to relocate elsewhere. Having a Sober Companion can be the solution to this awkward and risky situation. Coming home from rehab or attending outpatient treatment means that you still have to face life on its terms in the same tantalizing environment. The same people are there and the same landmarks are there and they all remind a person of the horrid times of their addiction running their lives. There is a solid solution to this, a Sober Companion.

What Does A Sober Companion Do?

A Sober Companion is essentially a person’s shadow, but a shadow well established in their own recovery and trained to help another in their recovery journey. Some of a Sober Companion’s responsibilities would be:

  • Meeting the client upon arrival from rehabilitation treatment
  • Taking the client to meetings or therapy sessions
  • Connecting the client to new sober living people to build a healthy and strong network of friends
  • Finding interests in the client and establishing new avenues to explore
  • Promoting exercise and diet plans to follow along with overseeing adherence to them
  • Simply a person to talk to about everything a person needs to talk about
  • Promoting and setting up new activities that encourage healthy living
  • Transportation to all healthy and sober activities that promote a solid recovery

The list goes on and on but the point is to be a person’s shadow of trust. A sober companion is a leader and also a comrade in a very delicate time of need. Everyone in recovery needs someone strong in they life and meetings alone will not be sufficient in keeping a person sober and on the right path.

More To Life Than Just Meetings?

Many folks in the world of recovery make it very clear that meetings are what keep them clean and sober. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that all. Most of us at New Life Interventions have thrived with meetings in our lives and wouldn’t have it any other way. But, the key to success is balance. Some of our clients seem to object to meetings or 12 step based programs that use anonymous meetings as a tool for recovery. That objection usually occurs because a person either hasn’t fully given in to and grasped the true concept of recovery or they just don’t feel comfortable in such a setting yet. We promote meetings and we promote having fun and being productive and valuable. We promote making up damage caused to others during addiction and we promote giving thanks and love to those who deserve it. Most of all, we promote being responsible members of our society. Our lives are full because we give and receive with those around us. This is what our sober companions teach our clients more than anything and this is why we are successful and grateful people.

Consult One Of Our Sober Companions

If you or someone your love has recently discharged from addiction rehabilitation or is about to be, please contact New Life and speak with one of our sober companions. See what we can do for you or your loved one and best yet, secure sobriety and happiness for the future.