Recovery Coaching

Why is Recovery Coaching a vital part of treatment? When a person completes a substance abuse program, it is merely the first step toward getting back on track. That person has to come back home or to a new environment to essentially start over again. Addiction literally thwarts a person’s growth emotionally and many times leaves that person completely unprepared to handle normal every day activities and situations, even after completing an addiction recovery program. And in addition, the families of the recovering addict or alcoholic is many times very unprepared for what’s now to come and how to help and be a part of the recovery process. An excellent way to connect the dots is to use a Recovery Coach.

The Easy Fix

Most people who have not gone through addiction themselves, have the mentality that one should get up and dust themselves off and get on with it again after rehab. In fact, most families that we do interventions for truly believe that if their loved one goes to a drug or alcohol rehab, it will inevitably “fix them” and the problem will no longer exist. Then their loved one can come home and get back to living life the way they were supposed to before, instead of getting loaded and wasting away their lives. This is a gross misconception and sometimes a deadly one. Assuming that rehab has completely fixed someone is both shortsighted and wishful thinking. The addiction was created over a long period of time and will conversely take time to truly fix the situation. Recovery coaching is for recovering people AND recovering families.

Why Recovery Coaching Is Criticalrecovery coaching

Consider this; addiction is a symptom of the real underlying problem(s).  So that being the case, a person who undergoes treatment for addiction has usually only scratched the surface. Going 30, 60 or 90 days and getting back on track again is a fantastic start and THE way to start the process of recovery. From there the real work has to happen on the outside of rehab. A person has to start living again hopefully with the intention of following through with counseling and with group support systems in tact. Even with all of this going for them a person in recovery needs to have direction and discipline. That person has to be able to plan their steps toward desired objectives and follow them with out interruption, especially interruption by chemical or self-destructive abuse again. This is where Recovery Coaching works and keeps a person on task. Having someone there who is trained in recovery coaching and is also a recovering addict gives one the confidence that he or she needs to take the right steps forward. The coaching is real coaching, being a part of every significant decision a person makes, helping them make those decisions and celebrating in the goals accomplished meanwhile being there to pick them up after minor failures.

Addiction makes a person feel very alone and just like with an intervention, an addict or alcoholic won’t usually relate to someone close to them about getting help, especially if they have never gone through addiction themselves. There is a great connection made by those who have walked in the same shoes and do not share any familial ties. That’s the connection used to grow and nurture in recovery coaching. We establish a common history and share stories and facts that inspire them to continue with what rehab gave them. Then we work on steps toward personal success and guide the person there on their own path. Short term and long term plans are put into action so that everyone can be aware of them and a part of them.

We believe that the core of a recovery coach’s job is to work a person through their troubles and their shortcomings when they occur. The only thing that builds true character and self confidence is the ability to pick oneself up from adversity and start again until one is successful. Addicts have the notorious habit of quitting when things are tough or when they feel overwhelmed and defeated. To get a person to live above these habits is to give them the gift of true success and true self confidence.

Our staff is trained and certified in recovery coaching and will be the disciplined director for you or your loved one until the runway is complete and the person feels they can fly on their own. Call us and inquire on how recovery coaching could help you or the one you love. Don’t let them flounder without guidance and control. Give them the follow up support they need to really get it right.