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Drug and Alcohol Assessments Help You Legally

New Life offers services by our own licensed psychologist, so that we can better help our clients to free themselves up from the struggles and road blocks of their addicted lifestyle and arrive on the path of recovery.

Our psychologist holds a PhD in human behavior, and is licensed as a substance abuse counselor, as well as a school psychologist.
He is a member of the American Psychological Association, and is internationally certified in Reality Therapy.

Substance Abuse Evaluations Contour Treatment Plans

Consultations are routinely provided from our psychologist, including counseling regarding the treatment program best suited for your loved-one; based on his or her psychosocial history, taken by the psychologist at the time of application. Some cases may require additional assessment to gain information required for the selected program placement, and for planning by the treatment provider. Information will be provided by our psychologist, regarding both the type of treatment to be provided and the specific interventions which may be employed by the provider.

Specific questions regarding substance abuse/addiction and rehabilitation will be addressed, and references for reading and study will be provided upon request.

Alcoholism Psychologist

Our psychologist has a history of ten years as a youth corrections psychologist, eighteen years as a licensed school psychologist, and three years as a high school psychology teacher and guidance counselor (two years of which he concurrently served as a school district guidance director).

Since 2003 he has maintained an independent practice, serving mostly the court system in evaluations and treatment, and has been certified as an expert witness in district court. His efforts have helped drug addicts get into rehab faster as well.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and needs the specific services and care of a licensed psychologist, call New Life today and receive a free and confidential consultation.