Substance Abuse Intervention

If you know someone needs help for a drug addiction and you just can’t get them to reach for it by themselves, you are at the right place. Whether it’s abuse of prescription pills, methamphetamines, cocaine or heroin, help is right here right now.

detox heroin helpNew Life has been successfully performing drug addiction interventions throughout the country for many years. Comprised of former addicts and alcoholics, we know the addict and what needs to be done to get them to say yes and start on their road to recovery.

Interventions for substance abuse have been and will always be an effective and powerful first step of stopping addiction and rebuilding lives. Building family support systems and implementing solid treatment plans are all part of what we do. We will walk you and your family through each step of the intervention process.

It is up to you to take that first step and contact New Life.

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Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers

New Life works with a long list of substance abuse treatment centers that specifically handle opiate addiction, including the detox from heroin, methadone and benzodiazepines. Treatment programs are tailored to the individual. With a full assessment we will find the right treatment path for you or the one you love so that you don’t find yourself years later wishing that you found the right program. We offer decades of experience in the field of recovery we have the resources and knowledge to guide you to success.

Heroin Detox in New Jersey & PA

We have relationships with a number of detox facilities here in the Delaware Valley and beyond. If your desire is to find a detox for heroin further away from South Jersey or the Philadelphia region, we have many options available. Not every program is right for everyone so our focus is to find the best solution for each person who needs to detox. If you are in need of Heroin detox help, contact us now and we can lead the way.

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