gambling addictionOver the years we have been asked by many loving family and friends to do interventions for someone with a gambling addiction. Most people have no idea what life is like for someone connected to a compulsive gambler. The parallels between drug abuse, alcoholism and gambling addiction are almost identical. It is a tortuous life for a family and can literally bring an addicted gambler and the family to their knees begging for a solution and a way out of the nightmare. But despite the desperate plea for a solution, the addicted gambler will continue to gamble away everything, and then continue to borrow and gamble away anyone else’s money and belongings. Just as a heroin abuser will consume everything around them and from anyone to get their next high, so will a gambler to sit at that gaming table, a slot machine, or a casino web site to get theirs. The high isn’t a chemical high like being drug induced but it is very similar due to the body’s response to the stimulation of what relief gambling brings to a person. The snowball effect takes place and even though there may be periods of remission and it seems things have bettered, they haven’t. The urge is too much and the gambler has to find relief again.

There are many quality programs designed to help those addicted to gambling including intensive inpatient, out-patient and support groups to follow. The biggest thing we face when confronting a compulsive gambler with a gambling intervention is the denial. The compulsive gambler usually justifies that an intervention is for drug addicts and alcoholics. This is what we found to be the main reason most families don’t seek intervention help with their loved ones when faced with this problem. We break down those barriers with you and for you so you can break them down to save your loved one. The nightmare has to stop. Constantly questioning how this will end and accepting that this life is how it’s going to be forever is unacceptable. We have helped many in getting them to treatment and on a healthy path again without falling into the constant impulse of gambling again. Our consultations are 100% confidential. Let us help you change the destructive path you’re on with your loved one and show you how to bring them to a better place in life.