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If you are at a loss as to how to get someone you love to stop using drugs and alcohol and into treatment, you will benefit greatly from a professional intervention. Most people either don’t know enough about interventions and fear the unknown, or they feel as if they can handle it themselves and the addict will get help when they are ready. Typically families and friends of addicts will only start investigating the possibility of having their own intervention when something terrible has happened and they themselves become scared straight.

Addiction trains families and friends how to operate the way it wants them to. Over time, the behaviors of the addict change the behaviors of everyone closely connected to them, all in a negative way. Life simply becomes all about the addict and satisfying the addiction. And as a result the feeling is, to confront the addiction or to change anything now means that it will upset the addict and an intervention will most likely make them really angry or worse they will leave. Families and friends have so many apprehensions about intervention that are heightened by fear and the unknown.

Positive and Life Changing Results

The fact is, interventions are 95% successful on day 1 and most of the fears that people have never occur in a proper setting with a trained and seasoned interventionist. Almost always the intervention turns out to be a very relieving experience for everyone, especially the addict. Addicts really want help and don’t want to continue living their lifestyle. They want to be helped but they make it so difficult for everyone close to them, so difficult that most give up and adjust their lives to the dictatorship of addiction.

An intervention means that the family has made a decision not to accept the addiction anymore. It means that someone in the family unit has finally had enough and is willing to stick their neck out for the sake of their loved one’s life no matter what anyone else feels about this decision. It means that there will be no more waiting for that person to hit “rock bottom”. Rock bottom is here now.

With the presence of a professional, the dynamics all change for the better and the family gains the advantage over the addiction. Now you have a bridge of communication and a pillar of strength on the family’s side and that is the difference between doing it yourself or having someone come in and help you get to the finish line. It is that final piece that is needed to make it happen fast and smoothly.

New Life has performed hundreds of interventions with a success rate in the mid 90’s %. We have seen it all, heard it all and have done it all too. We have suffered through and beaten our own addictions and have dedicated our lives to this epidemic. The biggest thing we bring to families that are suffering is confidence and a solid plan of action. We know when we walk in the room to talk to your addicted loved one, that it will be a positive outcome but more than that it will be a new day for everyone to begin growing once again. Call us today for a free and confidential consultation and find out how possible all of this really is!

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