Finding the right treatment solution is the first step toward getting your addicted loved one on the path of recovery. New Life Interventions has worked with many many programs in the country through the years. We have a massive amount of experience with the types of programs offered and can help you tailor fit the right program for your loved one in need.  There are so many options out there and it can get very confusing. We will help you understand the modalities available to choose from as well as what the costs will be with or without health insurance. Our goal is to find the best fit to give your loved one the best possible program for their needs to achieve a lifetime of sobriety and happiness. The last thing we want to do is bring someone to a treatment center that is not fully capable of handling their personal needs. Treatment should last a lifetime and bring a person to new levels of awareness toward themselves and the world around them. It should never be simply about clean time. It should be about achievement and bringing a person back to a former state of well being, when things were last going right. It should restore a persons abilities and bring about new ones. And it should be enough that when they finally return home, they are hitting the ground running and step by step they are accomplishing new goals. Treatment should be the solution to this mess that consumed your loved one and everyone around them. If you’re not sure of your program choice, have questions about treatment options in general or specifically or need help in finding a perfect fit, please call us and get those questions and doubts answered and handled. Advice is free.