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Drug Rehab HelpSelecting the right alcohol or drug rehab program should be about one primary thing; handling the addiction once and for all and living a happy and drug free lifestyle. But how does one find the right program to achieve that happiness and sobriety? With so many variables involved and a person’s life at stake, the decision of where to go can make things overwhelming. Some factors to consider are:

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Between insurance coverage and/or out of pocket expenses, the cost of a quality program is a major factor. Treatment doesn’t have to cost a fortune and there are affordable options to choose from. With 13,000 treatment options in the U.S. there is something for everyone. We can help you find what works within your budget and many times options your insurance will cover completely.

Distance From Home

A well known rule of thumb with treatment choice is getting away from home. Let’s face it, some days of treatment will be hard, and should be if it’s worth it in the end. Make your choice a place where it’s not easy to just catch a ride home or have someone come pick them up when things get tough. A fresh new start is what this is all about and a new location out of one’s environment is the best option if available. Obviously not everyone can go away for rehab treatment so New Life is prepared to help you with program choices locally as well as remotely.

Length of Program

A good solid program is one that gives a person the time she needs to truly get better and honestly make changes. A person can find themselves counting the days on a calendar and it can become a mental game of just “getting out” versus getting something out of it. A program’s staff should have the intention of giving a quality program to each person they encounter instead of an allowed amount of time paid for. We believe that recovery is fully obtainable if a person is given an honest chance and time to truly absorb the tools available.

Continuum of Care/Aftercare

Once the detox and inpatient programs are complete, a quality program will offer choices to continue the care one received in inpatient to utilize the newfound tools in real life situations. Out-patient only is rarely a solid option and there should be some kind of continued therapy so a person does not jump right back into their life with no or little support. 30 days and out is hardly ever a successful path to take.

New Life Interventions has relationships built with many programs around the country that include traditional 12-step and non 12-step, holistic, Christian based and so many more options that are available to choose from. We will verify your insurance benefits and work hard to get you the best program for the least amount possible. There is a treatment path for everyone so let us help you today to take that first step for you or someone you love.

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