How to Have an Intervention That Works

With the epidemic of drug addiction in our country, drug and alcohol interventions have become popularized by media. Although television will only disclose parts of how to stage an intervention and will show an intervention that works without giving all of the preliminary details on what makes it work. The common denominator is having professional interventionists in charge. So many people we meet have tried to perform their own drug and alcohol interventions to no avail. Whether it’s an intervention from alcohol, an intervention from heroin abuse, or an intervention from any other addiction, the key factor is the professional interventionist who prepares the family team for what will happen during the intervention and what should be responded to.

interventionists in NJOften “The Interventionist” is someone who has been through addiction and has made it through his or her own recovery. There is no greater example in that room to the addict or alcoholic of why treatment should be the choice and there should be no better communicator to them. Thorough preparation brings successful drug and alcohol interventions but even more important is the confidence that the professional interventionist brings to the family team which is the reason interventions work.

Do Interventions Work?

When we first arrive and meet families of addicts, everyone is normally defeated and doesn’t have much confidence that this will work, mainly because nothing has worked up until now. An Intervention is an organized, communicative, confident and loving meeting controlled by an assertive and poised professional who doesn’t accept the word no. If you are thinking about doing an intervention for someone you love, please contact us for a private consultation and see how we can help you have an intervention that works. They really do work. Here are a few testimonials from our clients.

Interventionists in New Jersey, Philadelphia

We perform interventions across the entire United States. Our main office is located in southern New Jersey, centered between and within driving limits of New York, Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia and surrounding cities. Our focus is saving lives and restoring family dynamics so call us any time day or night with your needs and inquiries. If you need immediate services, we can accommodate you and your family and get you started to saving the one you love from the ravages of addiction.