Heroin containing insecticides found in Middlesex, New Jersey

Recently this month, NJ state police reported that heroin labeled under three different names was found to contain the chemical Carbaryl. Carbaryl is sold under the brand name “Sevin”, used for gardening and agricultural purposes to kill unwanted insects. It is advertised as moderately toxic to mammals but the thought of one of our loved ones snorting, smoking or injecting the chemical is a scary thought. Carbaryl is known to cause involuntary convulsions and nausea amongst many diarrhea and with heavy doses can cause blurred vision, sweating and loss of coordination.

The state police seized the laced heroin in Middlesex County and found the Carbaryl in three different branded names. For those who don’t know, heroin bags are typically stamped with some sort of logo, statement or both to attract new buyers and to designate which block it came from. This way the heroin user can find “comfort” knowing that a certain branded bag was of good quality or purer than another, of course prompting more sales for the dealers. The sickening thing is that this is just one of so many chemicals dealers will mix their drugs with and sell it to unknowing addicts. Normally we hear of Fentanyl being laced in the heroin to boost the potency and attract more users but this makes no sense in that regard. It shows the utter ignorance and lack of any human compassion in the dealers who sell this poison to people we love.

Middlesex County is just a short drive away from Paterson, Newark, Trenton and many other heroin infested areas of New Jersey. Where it came from and who laced it with this newest chemical mixture, who knows? Sadly no heroin addict ever knows what they are buying on the streets and the risk is always high. This is just another sickening display of what greed brings out in the world of addiction.



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