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Drug Crime Attorney Helps Addicts in Recovery

Greetings and welcome to New Life Interventions (“New Life” from here on). My name is Arthur Bruce Haddrill and I’m an attorney and principal of New Life. When we talk please refer to me by my middle name, Bruce. Since you’re reading this, you’re probably an addict or you’re here on behalf of a loved one who is. Addicts are usually too busy being addicts to find time to try to save their lives so a loved one has to. In addition, either you or your loved one probably has a legal problem that occurred recently serving as a “wakeup call”, that not only re-awakened your thought that you need to find a suitable rehab, but confirmed it. Last of all, the legal problem is probably criminal, such as a recent arrest, but it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of civil legal problems have the same “wakeup call” affect as criminal legal problems do. Divorce, Custody, Termination of Parental Rights and Bankruptcy are just a few that come to mind and that will ring an alarm, as loud as a criminal problem does, that its time you take your or your loved one’s addiction seriously; if for no other reason except that other’s have!

If anything above sounds even remotely familiar, you have found your way to the right place, but before proceeding, I want to take a moment to invite you to call and discuss your situation. Time is precious and you may have questions that have been nagging you that you want to ask now or possibly, you have been reading websites for hours and are sick of it and would prefer talking. I can cover the remaining information on the phone and there’s no charge to call so feel free to. My cell number is: 818-303-6609 and the numbers for headquarters are listed on the page you clicked, but I’m the attorney so if you have legal questions call my cell. Call anytime. If you’d prefer to keep reading, please do so.
Back to; “If anything above sounds even remotely familiar, you’ve found your way to the right place.” I will explain. Let’s start by assuming, at a minimum, it’s factually true that either you or a loved one is an addict with a legal problem. Now let us analyze the assumed facts from a “glass half full” versus “half empty” perspective, which you’ll soon see is the correct perspective when the relevant factual and legal considerations are infused into the assumed facts, “that you or a loved one is an addict with a legal problem.”

Drug Crime Lawyer Helps Addicts Choose Rehab instead of Jail

It’s a fact that from any given point in time forward, an addict will face one of three events; decide to go to rehab, face a long prison sentence or premature death. If that doesn’t compute, ask yourself; “how many old addicts do you know?” None, Right? Addicts do not grow old. To state the obvious, it will not do an addict much good unless he or she chooses rehab prior to the imposition of a long prison sentence or the arrival of the Grim Reaper. The fact you’re online reading New Life’s website is fortuitous, at least when compared to reading a funeral directors.
The collective Legal System has never been more accommodating to addicts willing to attend rehab than it is today. Simply stated: the prevailing view of the cause of addiction changed radically from, an addicts irresponsible choices to a disease, out of an addict’s control, and the Legal System responded accordingly, albeit slowly. When the addict was held responsible for his or her condition the Legal System imposed “certainty of incarceration” as punishment to an addict and as a deterrent to others, but with the disease discovery, based on numerous scientific studies, the courts began favoring rehab rather than incarceration, but reluctantly. The problem, however, is that society has become totally fed up with illegal drugs and the addicts that use them, regardless of the reason why they use them. As a result, the voters elect judges that promise to incarcerate addicts, not rehab them. There is a way to present drug related cases to take advantage of the disease view of addiction and be allowed by the court attend rehab rather than be incarcerated.

I graduated from Michigan State Law School in 1979. I’ve had over 35 years of experience representing addicts; for 22 years as a private practitioner and one of 4 founding partners of a Michigan Law firm, and for the following 13 years as General Counsel to one of the nation’s largest rehabs, with six facilities in four states. I’m certified as an expert witness on the benefits of rehabilitation over incarceration in Federal and State courts. I’ve testified in Federal and State Courts across the country on the subject. I honestly don’t know of another attorney who has the depth of experience I do in the specialty of using an addict’s participation in rehab to minimize or to eliminate altogether the consequences of his or her legal problem, which is not limited to criminal cases. In civil cases, the benefits to addicts arising from the disease cause of addiction are very real and very powerful, but without the possibility of the high profile media coverage that threatens criminal cases.

Frank Riedl founded New Life originally to provide intervention services. Due to the change to “disease” as the cause of addiction and the passage of Obama Care the need for rehabs dramatically increased so New Life evolved into a company with its primary purpose to place addicts in a rehab best suited to the addict’s needs. I joined New Life so I could devote 100% of my time assisting addicts with legal problems, whether it be in placing them in the right legal friendly rehab, providing expert testimony, or actually handling their case. I brought a licensed doctor of Psychology to New Life with me. He’s had numerous years of experiencing providing the Nevada Court System with Psychological Assessments on behalf of drug addicts charged with drug cases. He will also help place addicts, provide assessments for their criminal cases, and provide expert testimony as needed.

Due to the proliferation of rehabs after the discovery that addiction was a disease, many unrepeatable facilities opened solely to tap into the billions of Federal Funds made instantly available. It is, therefore, extremely important not only that an addict attend rehab, but that he or she attend one with proven success rates and that fits the addict’s needs. At New Life, we only deal with the finest rehab facilities that are recognized by the legal system. All the facilities we refer to pay New Life a commission. You, thereby do not pay for my services unless I provide a service well beyond referring you to the right legal friendly rehab and assisting you with your basic legal needs. If, for example, I were asked to appear in court by your attorney or if I were to actually handle your case then I would of course charge separately, but not without first discussing it with you and after signing an agreement.

I suggest you give me a call to discuss your present needs in detail.

Thank you,
A. Bruce Haddrill
Attorney and Counselor