Rehab vs Prison

Rehabilitation Vs. Incarceration

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime you can choose rehab rather than be sentenced to jail and if you do, you’ll likely also avoid a criminal record altogether. Many courts are open to the discussion of treatment vs incarceration for first time drug possession cases and some courts are lenient to multiple offenders if presented properly. Now, more than ever before, the courts can be persuaded to allow rehab instead of jail due to overpopulation challenges within jail systems.

rehab instead of jailNew Life provides legal assistance and psychological evaluations to assist addicts with the courts. Looking for experienced drug case lawyers with extensive experience as a rehab lawyer as well? New Life can help. If you have a drug related legal matter we invite you to contact us and request a free consultation with one of our representatives for drug charges or DUI offenses.


The U.S. declared war against drugs in the seventies and, while the war persists, the way the war is fought has changed. Certainty of Incarceration for all drug related crimes regardless how minor, once a mandate of the war, has been relaxed.

drug defense attorneyWhy? Because studies have overwhelmingly revealed incarceration of addicts to be counter-productive. Now, Judges would rather see get treatment rather than be sentenced to jail.

The Judge takes a big risk when approving rehab over incarceration and therefore they are very cautious before taking this action. It is up to the addict and his legal defense to minimize the risk in the eyes of the court.

How is this done? He hires a drug defense attorney with influence that guides his next steps. New Life has been making court appearances for addicts seeking rehab across the country as an expert witness on rehabilitation in Federal and State courts. Call New Life now for your free consultation and let’s see if you qualify for rehabilitation vs incarceration.

Legal Support for Recovering Addicts

Many of our clients have pending charges, upcoming legal defense needs and other complications to deal with as a result of their addiction. Going to rehab does not make those problems go vs jail

Our legal support team can help you process court documents, prepare a defense for upcoming appearances, overcome some of the legal hurdles you are currently facing and lesson your burden.

If you have a criminal case pending and you need some direction on the best course of action, give us a call today. We will help you get into recovery, and then begin to work with the court to minimize, or even eliminate altogether, the impact of your case on your life.