Clinical Assessment And Treatment Referrals

Clinical assessments and program referrals

Our clinical assessment and treatment referral team is experienced and trusted in the field of recovery and we know that finding the right treatment options and appropriate level of care is essential to helping someone handle and beat their addictions once and for all. We will help find the right program for you or someone you love. We have developed partnerships with trusted treatment centers and health care providers throughout the country and will guide you to the one that gives the best chance of success.

Treatment Plan To Handle The Addiction Forever

Upon your initial call to us we will do a thorough assessment of the current situation, past history and future goals to assess the appropriate path for you or your loved one who needs treatment. From start to finish, it is imperative to have everything lined up and in black and white so that there is a clear path ahead. Whether this includes intervention or the person is willing to go, a treatment plan is a vital program to follow. Some basics that we will ask about:

  • Past and current drug and/or alcohol use
  • Past treatment experience and response to treatment
  • Medical history/impairments or limitations
  • Professional mental health evaluations and diagnoses
  • Current and past medications prescribed

The list continues but you can expect a thorough assessment so that not only will we prepare the right treatment plan but we will do so with the full intention of making this the last time doing so.

Program Placement From Personal Experience

At New Life Interventions we only employ those who have been through and handled their own addictions and mental health conditions. We take pride in that we know what to do to help another because we walked in similar shoes. Our decades of sobriety, experience and successes help us to see through the murky confusion of addiction and mental illness so that we can spot the winning formula for each person. With this viewpoint and the assessment information we can find what will work for anyone who desires the help.

Clinical Assessment and Treatment Referrals to Fit the Person in Need

Everyone is different and each person needs a particular style of care to defeat one’s demons and move forward in life again. We know this and we know that in society many will try to fit a square in a round hole and therefore place the blame on the individual because it didn’t work. There is no one size fits all program out there. Today there are many new rehabilitation program styles and modalities that are more appealing and offer a fresher look at the “rehab” experience . Traditional programs still dominate the addiction and recovery field but most programs have adopted more recent treatment approaches within. We are all educated and experienced in all of these treatment options and will help you understand each of them so that you can make an educated decision and choose the right path for you or your loved one.

No matter how bad the situation has become or how uncertain you may be as far as choosing proper addiction and mental health care, we can and will answer all of your questions so that the confusion will vanish and positivity and confidence will take over. Call us today for a free and confidential clinical assessment and let us help you put together a treatment plan that will work for you.