Case Management

Case management simply put is creating, monitoring and managing the steps of a program for a client so that they achieve a very clear objective at the end of these steps. Of course in the area of recovery, the primary objective is to remain sober and free of self destructive actions. Our Case Managers are Certified Substance Abuse Counselors that have worked in mental health and addiction for almost two decades. We have helped thousands of good but struggling people to find their way back to happy and successful lives again.

Clear and Workable Steps to Success

Before the “management” part of Case Management comes the planning of steps. We look at each person as an individual and as a member of a family and of society. There are so many things that a person recently exiting treatment would like to accomplish but it can get overwhelming in a split second. The natural instinct that addiction negatively strengthens is to quit or not even try, hence why so many people get out of rehab and go back to their vices. This is where a sober companion or recovery coaching benefits a person greatly. There has to be motivation and steps to look forward to, i.e. group events, sports, a loved one’s company, making money etc. Recovering addicts need more motivation than the average person, especially in the first year. There have to be steps to take but more importantly, there have to be recent successes to motivate from. This is where the creativity of the Case Manager comes in. It can’t be overwhelming and sometimes steps have to be taken repeatedly until they are truly successful steps. Then we build bigger steps to climb but most importantly, achievable steps.

One of the biggest factors that leads to a relapse is overwhelm. So often in life we are taught to or given the authority to do just enough or don’t even bother when it’s too much. This is creating a monster and ultimately in many people it created an addiction originally brought into existence to fill empty voids in a person’s life. We have to understand the addictive behaviors to understand the person trying to recover. The dangerous tendencies still dwell within a person still scarred from self destruction and chemical abuse. Their lives once revolved around one major compulsion and then everything else may or may not have come after that, so that tendency still remains in memory and inclinations.

Case Management For The Family

We work closely with our clients so that we can see the impeding failures coming before they do. This way we can avoid a full reversion to addiction and safely guide them back on track. The real intention is to avoid any reversion at all though. Many families will admit that they have no idea what to do for their loved one returning home. They too need the clear steps toward success to operate with. Despite all of the right intentions and despite all of the love to give, families are the most susceptible in contributing to their loved one’s demise. The outside professional has the best perception available, as opposed to the family within and enmeshed in the addiction/recovery path. We will supervise and manage a particular plan for families to work from and keep their confidence growing as we all watch your returning loved one make new strides toward his or her own successes. With all of the good intentions available, they should not be wasted. They should be honed and given as the blessings they truly are. Let someone help you help the one you love and get the results desired, not what just comes because you had good intentions. That is not good enough. There is always a reason to succeed. We just have to think it out and follow the plan created.

If someone you or someone you love is about to leave treatment or has already done so, give us a call so we can help you make things clear and workable for your lives. We know sobriety and we know happiness. Who better to help you than someone who has walked in the same shoes. God Bless!