Stages of Alcoholism/addiction is a well known chart vastly used in the field of recovery created by biostatistician, physiologist and alcoholism researcher E. Morton Jellinek, called the Jellinek curve of alcoholism is a very useful tool to help families and even alcoholics and addicts recognize the stages and symptoms of addiction. Below we have a version of that chart for your review. Take a look and see if you can see your loved one in it and where. Most people find this very interesting and eye opening.

Progressional Stage

  • Occasional relief from drinking or drugging
  • Constant relief from drinking or drugging
  • Increase in tolerance
  • Memory blackouts
  • Increased dependence
  • Surreptitious drinking or using
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Unable to discuss problem
  • Memory blackouts increase

Crucial Stage

  • Decrease of ability to stop when others dostages of alcoholism/addiction
  • Drinking/Using bolstered with excuses
  • Grandiose or aggressive behavior
  • Persistent remorse
  • Efforts to control fail repeatedly
  • Promises and resolutions broken
  • Tries geographical escape
  • Loss of other interests
  • Family and friends avoided
  • Work and money troubles
  • Unreasonable resentments
  • Neglect of food or personal hygiene
  • Loss of ordinary will power
  • Tremors/withdrawals or early morning using/drinking

Chronic Stage

  • Onset of lengthy intoxications
  • Moral deterioration
  • Impaired thinking
  • Drinking/drugging with inferiors
  • Indefinable fears
  • Unable to initiate action
  • Obsession with drinking
  • Vague spiritual desires
  • All alibis exhausted

Complete Defeat Admitted

If you see many symptoms here that match the lifestyle of someone you love, it’s well beyond time to make a decision, a very tough and sometimes harsh feeling one. So many times this chart has been shown to families and we hear them say that most if not all of these symptoms have occurred or still do. It is important to mention that at the bottom when complete defeat is admitted, life is a major roller coaster for everyone connected to the addicted one. They show minor signs of possible growth or speak a good game of such and families grasp it as if it’s everything. But suddenly things quickly fall back down and everyone is back in cope mode, living through desperate emotions and hope that some day their loved one will wake up and suddenly just quit. Sadly that rarely happens. Everyone quits but the power of the addiction won’t let them without some kind of life interference whether it is jail, an OD, or even death. That’s the reality of it. Something has to wake them up and interfere enough for them to have that one moment of clarity to make the right decision despite what the addiction says to them. As you look at the chart above you can see that there is failure after failure weighing on a person addicted. Not only are the drugs and alcohol dictating their lives but the person is failing at everything slowly but surely. It’s a snowball effect that gets worse and faster and faster. Again if you see someone you love on this chart, call for a free consultation and see what can be done to help them. We have lived this nightmare on both sides of the table and would love to help you break free of this trap and free the one you love from addiction.