The stages of addiction recovery is real as hard as it may be to believe. If you’ve read our page on the Stages of Addiction/Alcoholism you most likely saw the characteristics of someone you love in the downfall of addiction. It’s only right to show you the Stages of Recovery. Take a good look at what may seem like an impossibility right now. You see addiction is treatable and curable. One just has to make up his or her mind, find that belief in themselves again, of course remain abstinent from drugs AND alcohol and take the steps shown to them in recovery. Take a look at the chart listed below and envision your loved one in each step. Let’s restore hope once again. This chart of course starts from bottom to the top:

Optimum Result

Enlightened and Interesting Way of Life Opens Up with Road Ahead to Higher Levels than Ever Before

Stages of addiction recovery

Recovery Stage

  • Group therapy and mutual help continue
  • Rationalizations recognized
  • Increasing tolerance
  • Care of personal appearance
  • Contentment of sobriety
  • First steps towards economic stability
  • Confidence of employers
  • Increase of emotional control
  • Appreciation of real values
  • Facts faced with courage

Rebuilding Stage (growth)

  • Rebirth of ideals
  • New circle of stable friends
  • New interests develop
  • Family and friends appreciate effort
  • Adjustments to family needs
  • Natural rest and sleep
  • Desire to escape goes
  • Realistic thinking
  • Return of self esteem
  • Regular nourishment taken
  • Diminishing fears of unknown future
  • Appreciation of possibilities of new way of life
  • Start of group therapy
  • Onset of new hope
  • Physical overhaul by doctor
  • Spiritual needs examined

Rehabilitation Stage (critical)

  • Right thinking begins
  • Takes stock of self
  • Meets normal and happy addicts
  • Stops taking alcohol
  • Told addiction can be arrested
  • Learns alcoholism/addiction is an illness
  • Honest desire for help

The choice here at the bottom is either recovery or suffer the consequences of the addiction. The bottom includes hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, apathy, despair and a choice to make a decision. Drugs and alcohol no longer numb the pain or take away the problems.

We hope that this article is helpful and will help you see recovery with an optimistic perspective as opposed to the often times negative outlook our world has created. There is always hope for recovery but one has to understand the Addiction and the Stages of Recovery before trying to control it. Here is an article on addiction that will help to do just that. Our experienced and knowledgeable substance abuse counselors are here to answer your questions so please don’t hesitate to call us at 844 688-8555.