Want to know why addiction interventions work and why it’s probably the answer for you and your family? The answer is experienced confidence coupled with dedication to save lives.

When all else has failed and you can’t stand to watch them hit “the bottom”, an intervention specialist comes in and handles the problem. That has been the situation for thousands of families in the same situation you may be in. You try everything to get them to put the chemicals down and stop the horrible behaviors, but as the addiction progress over time, you eventually wind up assisting them in getting worse. Why does this detrimental progression occur?

It happens because you love them so much you would do anything to “help” them. Helping them with no sign of actually quitting on their own in fact hurts them. But you believe that you know this person and that deep down inside they can’t want to feel this way and do these things forever. They can’t want to keep hurting themselves and their families and friends. Can’t be. It’s true that they don’t normally want to hurt others. But when it comes to addiction and dependency, it’s a snowball effect. They find themselves addicted and have to do things they wouldn’t usually do to get that high. Stealing, lying, conniving, threatening, hiding, hurting are all a part of what it takes to get that high one is seeking when addicted. Then comes the shame and then more using to stuff the pain down. The cycle continues and gradually the person you once knew isn’t that person anymore.

Interventions work because they are built with a united front and a well thought out plan with the interventionist who speaks the language of an addicted person and running control of the process. The interventionist has no personal emotions regarding your situation that will jeopardize anything. We know the addict and alcoholic. You know your loved one. United we put together that well thought out plan and handle all of the “what ifs”. As a team there is one goal in mind here; treatment. And ideally long term treatment is the answer to really getting it right. When enabling has taken over and succumbed to manipulation and it seems there’s no turning back, a professional intervention puts a stop to the madness. New Life Interventions believes in the power of persistence and we don’t take NO for a final answer. Saying NO is what they’re used to doing and they expect you to accept it so that life goes on like nothing ever happened. This will almost always happen in the intervention. It”s a battle of wills but yours prevails. They want you to back off but you won’t because you have a professional interventionist balancing everything and everyone.

Addiction interventions aren’t revenge or a chance to even things up with someone. Intervention is your opportunity to TAKE THEM BACK FROM ADDICTION and give everyone a new beginning and a new life ahead. But to have that opportunity there is a bridge to cross and it can be challenging. But that is what we are trained to do, handle those challenges and bring everyone to the finish line.

If you are without hope and don’t know where to turn, at least call and see if there is a solution for you. You may be pleasantly surprised and once again have hope that this nightmare will be no more.