There comes a time in the life span of addiction when the addict’s family just can’t take anymore. The addict is in full denial and will not take the steps to get into rehab or do anything at all to quit using or drinking. Nothing anyone says or does makes any difference. Every day is the same routine and life continues to get progressively worse. What can a family do to change this broken record or loop they are all stuck in?

They can call a professional interventionist and have an addiction intervention done to save their loved one’s life.

addiction intervention

What Exactly Does an Interventionist Do?

A well trained addiction interventionist does many things but most importantly he brings hope and he makes things change dramatically for the better; for everyone! He brings a level of experience and understanding of each situation and simplifies everything into a workable and winnable solution. An addiction interventionist prepares the addict’s family for what will come during the intervention, what will be said and done by the addict and how to handle all of it safely and with love. He will address all concerns and worries but ultimately he will ensure the addict gets to treatment safely and willingly. The interventionist will control the entire process from start to finish meanwhile keeping everyone engaged and winning.

How Does An Addiction Intervention Work?

There are several types of interventions but the most utilized and popular is the Johnson Model. Others have been developed over the years but all are performed with the sole purpose of getting an addict or alcoholic to relinquish control and start to accept the love and help offered by loved ones. An addict usually has everyone close to him immersed in denial, confusion and total chaos so a well done intervention is handled by keeping things simple and not letting the addict take control. Instead an interventionist opens up and controls communication between all parties involved so that solutions can be made and the chaos can stop. It is the time that family finally gets their freedom back and the addict begins treatment and a new life ahead.


Remember an addict is scared to stop and change the course of his or her life. Addiction is insidious, destructive and deceitful to everyone, including and most especially the addict. It is a trap that progressively steals the spirit of a human being and replaces it with emptiness and fear. Addicts want to be helped but the fear of quitting and leaving their only perceived source of safety and comfort is too much to bear. An intervention is the bridge that reconnects the wayward addict to family, friends and most of all, hope of a better life.


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