Below are some comments from family, friends and individuals we have helped. Feel free to leave your own comments below and let others know how we have helped you!

Dear Frank,

A mere Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for your help in the most difficult time in our lives. You have an amazing gift of connecting with people and making them see a light at the end of the tunnel, and you did it for us!! Your compassion, your understanding, your empathy, your demeanor, your patience, and I can go on but still it wouldn't be enough to describe how amazing you are!! Thank you for spending three days with our family so that you can convince our son to get the help he needed!!

I know in my heart that if it wasn't for you been sent to us, we wouldn't be where we are today and to feel confident in our decision and all the choices we had to make. Please continue to use this amazing gift you have to help anybody that finds themselves in the same situation and to be the greatest Interventionist you are!!!!!

Again myself, my husband, and my family THANK YOU!!!

Maria P

Myself, my husband and my family highly recommend Frank Riedl as a Family Interventionist. Frank knows how to make you, your family and the addict feel comfortable and trusting. We are parents and a family who will forever be grateful to a man who helped save our son. Frank Riedl is a "special" person".

The Nelson family

Dear Frank,

How do we adequately communicate our sincere thanks and gratefulness? THANK YOU are two small words that don't seem big enough emphasize our appreciation for all you did both working with us, our family and especially Jana. Frank you are blessed with the ability to do what we thought might be impossible. Our whole family feels the same.

The feeling of relief that we felt upon your safe arrival with our daughter to treatment is very hard to describe, but relief it was! Please accept our deep and heartfelt thanks. Sincerely Richard and family

Richard & Family

Two years ago my family did an intervention for my brother Peter who had been battling drug and alcohol addiction for over 20 years. Despite being in and out of rehab, it never lasted because he would go back to his old ways and our mother enabled him to no end. We knew he needed to go to a sober home far away from mom on the East Coast or else he would never stand a chance to make it on his own. Peter was spiraling rapidly and our mother finally agreed to do the intervention. From the minute we spoke with Frank, he put our minds at ease as to how he would conduct the intervention and what to expect.

The night before the intervention, Frank met with us family members and we discussed the game plan as to where we would confront Peter and we had our letters ready to go. We were all scared as to how Peter would react when he walked into his apartment and saw us sitting there, but to our surprise, he was unusually pleasant and proceeded to talk Frank’s ear off who patiently listened to Peter ramble on for hours. We never even got to the point of reading our letters; however, Frank eventually let Peter know that he was there to help him get sober and that he wanted him to get on a plane with him that afternoon to go to a sober living facility in Indiana.

This is when Peter’s attitude quickly changed and he got very upset, trying to bully our mom and intimidate us. Frank looked at our family and let us know that he had the situation under control and that we should leave. He promised he would get Peter on a plane that night and he did just that. Not only did he get Peter on the plane, he accompanied him all the way to the sober living facility which required him to drive an additional 2 hours once they landed at the airport. This gave our family great peace of mind that Peter wasn’t alone. Frank said that Peter was likely one of the most difficult addicts he had to deal with over the years, but he had the ability to handle the intervention with great control, calmness and confidence. It’s been 2 years since the intervention and fortunately, Peter is doing well. My family will never forget Frank and are forever grateful for his professionalism and compassion the day of the intervention. We would highly recommend his intervention services. Sincerely, C. Lago

C. Lago

Frank Riedl was a ray of hope during a very dark time in our family’s life. Never having dealt with drug addiction before, we didn’t know where to turn or who to trust. Frank guided us through the intervention process step by step, explaining things clearly and without assumption. His empathy,compassion, knowledge, and quiet strength got us through one of the most difficult days of our lives. As a result, our daughter received the help she needed to lead a happy, healthy, productive, and most importantly, drug free life. We would not be where we are today without Frank’s help!

Betty M.

I am so grateful that you were the one we called to help us with our son in this trying time. There is no way that we could have done this without you Frank. You have an amazing ability of using patience and kindness to really connect with people and that makes them want to follow your lead, including our son to treatment!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

James P

Dear Mrs Frank and Daughter,
A new beginning, that is what our son, EJ, has been given through our faith, family and friends. Please know how thankful we are to you and your daughter for allowing Frank to come into our lives to help our son EJ.
We know the love that Frank has for both of you and do know the love you must have for him to stand beside him through all that you may have been through. I will forever be grateful to Frank and your family! Annie and Ed P.

Our family was going through a very tough time with our brother and we were nearly convinced that no one could speak to my brother. Frank come in like a breath of Fresh Air and was the key to getting my brother into rehab. I am certain if it was somebody else that came for the intervention things would not have worked out as well as they did. Our family is indebted to Frank for his help.

Tim J

Dear Frank,
Can't fully express how much you are appreciated by my family and myself. You totally took control of a difficult situation and made everyone feel comfortable and in control. It is a gift you have that you have been blessed with. My son took to you right away because of your kind and compassionate manner. His siblings knew you were the right person for the job and they trusted your judgment. You took my son across the country safely and quickly and he is doing well in rehab. Can't thank you enough. So grateful for you. Sheila and George

Sheila J

Over the last 6 years my wife and I, along with our family, has been dealing with a parents nightmare, a child with a drug addiction. It started out with pain killers after a medical procedure and progressed into heroin use. The pain and despair we felt was overwhelming as was our feeling that we were losing our daughter. After numerous 30 day rehabs, she again relapsed and we felt we may never see her alive again.

We contacted Frank Riedl and explained our situation to him. He reassured us that there was hope for our daughter and asked us to attempt to find out were she might be at a particular time while he worked with a long term rehabilitation and recovery center along with our insurance provider. Within a day Frank had a plan in place and all we needed was to find her and conduct the intervention. His expertise in putting this plan together was amazing. We had felt so overwhelmed. We were lucky enough to track her down and early on a Sunday morning Frank met with us. We proceeded to the where we knew she would be. Our apprehension was great as we knew this would be no easy task.

She was very surprised and angry to see us. Initially there was pandemonium as emotions on all sides exploded. But Frank slowly brought us down to a level where we could communicate with each other and he calmly took control of the intervention. His calmness and compassion for everyone in this process led to our daughter agreeing to get help and get on a plane that afternoon. He stayed with her and watched her board the plane, not leaving until he saw it take off.

Frank has a special ability to relate to people and inspire confidence through his knowledge, empathy and quiet strength, not to mention he's a pretty likable guy. I know he will continue to help families like ours and we will always remember and be thankful for Frank's help.


John, Myra & Family

John W.

Three years ago I was introduced to Frank to assist our family in an intervention for my daughter who was addicted to heroin. Frank was professional and met with our family and walked us through the process answering all our questions and being available to talk after the process.Frank escorted my daughter to the airport and the gate however at the last minute she chose not to go.I thought that was it for us but we followed through with the consequences that we set up with her. Frank was there to support and guide us through it all along with continuously reaching out to my daughter and letting her know that help is still there.Recently my daughter's codependent addicted boyfriend passed away and I knew my daughter was in a bad way. I reached out to Frank and without hesitation he went to look for my daughter. He left his card at the motel where she was staying and it was not long before he got a call from her saying she was ready to go to treatment . My daughter has been in treatment for 6 weeks now and is doing great ! I asked Frank to send me a bill for his recent services and his reply was " you don't owe me anything ". I really can't say enough about the integrity and compassion that Frank brings to his clients and I am extremely grateful that we have crossed paths.

mom of an addict

In a time where we had no answers and needed someone to help lead us, we found New Life, we found Frank. Nobody can truly understand what parents go through when you're child is addicted to heroin and dying in front of you unless you've been there. It feels like there are no logical answers. We had no idea where to turn and then God put Frank into our lives just by chance. We are so grateful for what he has done for us. The minute we met you, we trusted that Frank's intentions were aligned with ours and our trust and confidence built from there. Frank led us from start to finish and still maintains communication with us and our son who is doing so well now after 6 months. Sometimes God puts angels in our lives because we need the guidance and there is no doubt this man has a halo and wings. Frank we consider you a true friend and to us and a God sent blessing. Thank you so much! John and Lisa


I would have never believed , when I was holding my newborn daughter, that someday I would need the skills of a trained interventionist to preserve her future. After years of usage that continued to escalate, we knew as parents that we were in need of a professional. Our situation called for timely action and we called Frank for his help. He had a calm and reassuring manner from the beginning and quickly assimilated the facts of our case to propose a way ahead. He was continually available during this critical time to answer questions and prepare us in advance of the intervention event. He helped us put the plan into place and within a week. We met the night before and he effectively prepared us for a multitude of options, to include some where we did not want to go. Words can't describe the intervention day, the twists and turns, and the things that he was able to accomplish that we as parents would never have been able to. He maneuvered landmines that as parents, we would never have been able to do. In addition, I can't say enough about his faith and how this permeated the day. Late that night, his text telling us that our daughter was safely at the treatment facility was an answered prayer. Our daughter has been in treatment now for almost 90 days and is back to the daughter we knew in her early teens. Frank was indeed an answer to prayer for our family.



Our whole family can all say that we have never met anyone as kind and as caring as you Frank. The way you handled the entire situation from start to finish is simply amazing. Your patience and kindness added to your unbelievable ability to persist in the toughest environment leaves us speechless still. Our daughter connected to you like no other could I believe and I can't thank you enough for all you did for our family. The world is truly a much better place because of what you do for others Frank! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Robert and family

I can't tell you how wonderful it was when you showed up last Tuesday. You immediately got our confidence and respect. W know it is a long journey ahead for Tim but we have so much more confidence than we ever have since meeting with you. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our whole family. Words cannot begin to say how relieved we are and how much more prepared we now are to move forward in our son's recovery. God Bless!

Sue and Gene

Sue and Gene

Dear Frank,

It’s difficult to believe that it has been almost three months since we met you for the first time as an interventionist for our daughter. My husband and I had no idea on what to expect and how you would convince our daughter that she needed to receive help. All of our trust and faith was being put in the hands of an individual with whom we had never met. Frank, you have demonstrated that you have the necessary compassion, skills, and inner strength to help individuals and families realize what they need to consider when dealing with the many challenges of drug addiction and rehabilitation.

Literally within hours, all of our family members including our daughter were in agreement that she should accompany you, begin her journey to receive treatment and rehabilitation.

We choose a program and they asked if we needed an interventionist. This was the key to a successful start for her treatment. The whole process was very quick as to intervening. On Sunday we made our choice of programs, on Monday Frank was here for a family phone conference with our daughter, sons and her boyfriend. On Tuesday, my husband, Frank and I went to our daughters boyfriends home at 9;00 am in the morning. A confrontation was immediate,as you had predicted, and you successfully accomplished your mission of convincing her, that she should get packed, and on a plane by 6:00 p.m. that day with you. Every word you chose to convince her was professional and from the heart of someone who had been there.
Words can not adequately express our gratitude and love. Please contact her as she would like to continue building on your knowledge and experience also keep in touch with us.

Thank You Frank, Doug and Judy


Doug and Judy
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