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My name is Frank Riedl and I am the founder of New Life. I am a nationally certified substance abuse counselor and interventionist. Over 16 years ago I was saved by the best interventionist in New Jersey at that time from the certain death from drugs and alcohol abuse and like so many others who work in the field of addiction, I found my purpose in life by helping other good people through their recovery from drug abuse as well as recovery from alcohol. Combining many years of education in addiction studies with my experiences as an addict/alcoholic, I use those attributes to be the best interventionist/addictions counselor I can be for every addict I meet. I know that each time a parent or family member contacts me, they need a positive change for someone they love and for themselves.

I am very proud to say that I have helped thousands of good people over the years using a safe, loving and effective approach so that stepping onto the road to recovery is easier and more palatable. Life is much better on the other side of addiction. Let me help you find that path for you and your loved ones. I can promise you that recovery is possible for anyone that stays willing to follow some direction that I can offer.

How To Help a Heroin Addict

drug intervention specialist in NJSomeone very close to you is probably addicted to heroin and you have tried everything to help them but to no avail. Maybe you’ve tried some drug intervention programs like Methadone or Suboxone? My guess is that you have been lied to and manipulated every way possible and looking for another solution. Perhaps you tried a drug abuse intervention in the past and your loved one is using again. Don’t give up hope yet, call New Life Interventions and perhaps they are ready this time to go to any length to get and stay clean.

Helping someone beat heroin addiction optimally starts with a substance abuse intervention with a certified and experienced drug abuse counselor. Manipulation and enabling have to be replaced with tough love, rational decisions and team decision making. Finally, the treatment plan has to be tailored to that person and enforced with rewards and consequences. Let us help you implement that plan today.

Family Intervention Services

Our interventionists are trained in recovery solutions for chemical dependency and we are certified substance abuse counselors with many years of experience. Whether you or someone you love is in need of an alcohol detox, needs to safely detox from heroin or if a full treatment program is required, our services are aimed at strengthening family members and handling the addict once and for all.