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Are you looking to find out how to help a heroin addict, or perform a drug addiction intervention for them? Do you know someone who would benefit from a drug and alcohol intervention? Yes to any of these questions puts you in the right place.

Our interventionists will offer you expert help for addiction to opiates, prescription drugs and heroin. We have partnered with the the most reputable treatment facilities and best heroin rehab centers in the US. First things first, let’s take the first step and start staging an intervention to save the one you love.

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Alcoholic Intervention Services

Do you know someone who just won’t stop drinking and badly needs an alcohol recovery program? Staging an intervention for alcoholics is often the only way to get them to go. Rehab for alcoholics is mandatory for true recovery to occur but getting them there willing to participate takes quite an effort and proper planning.

Our alcohol intervention specialist will be your team captain and make sure your efforts are unified and help your alcoholic loved one admit his or her problem and accept help for their alcoholism.

Rehab vs Prison

If you’re an addict or alcoholic charged with a crime you likely have the option of rehab instead of jail although your drug defense attorney may not know that option is available. Or that attorney may not have your best intentions in mind when making that decision for you when he or she represents you in court.

Your team at New Life offers legal guidance and psychological assessments to help you navigate the often murky waters of a county or state legal system along with your drug case lawyers or even without one.

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